Graham Taylor, Single-hander race – Sunday 6 September 2020

Weather: Sunny with some clouds

Wind: SW, occ W, force 2-3

Course: Windward/Leeward Course. Clubhouse start.

Finally, after lockdown, and restricted sailing within families or support bubbles, we had a chance to do some racing. The Graham Taylor trophy is perfectly designed for these COVID-19 times, being a dedicated single-hander race.

Sara Taylor and Adrian acted as Race Officer, taking advantage of the wind direction to run it from the comfort of the Race Office. Alan Thomas provided safety cover, thinking he would have little to do on such a balmy day… but he had to help a few people out J

The course was a simple upwind/downwind one, with a slight dogleg around the top and bottom moorings. After a delayed start due to someone (no names) taking two boats and a skipper off with him from the slipway as he departed in his laser, we all lined up for the start…

The race started as a tussle to the windward mark, having to compensate for the last out-going tide and the wind shifts. For two of the boats it was also a case of getting used to sailing double-handers on their own and having to plan for the nippier single-handed lasers – in Eve’s case it was the first time of sailing the Miracle on her own in any kind of breeze, so well done to her to getting to grips with the peculiar nature of the Miracle’s layout.

The dead down wind legs were a challenge for the 2000 and the RS100, as their asymmetrics did not work as efficiently as a conventional spinnaker, but they still proved useful in the light winds. The second leg saw John go inside the moorings, the logic being to keep out of the tide, but sadly (for him) it meant he was DSQ’d, or he would have won the first race by a minute on corrected time.

The second race was equally close and Bryce showed a proper competitive streak having just bought the laser he was racing. Ed had got to grips with the twitchy RS100 and pulled into a significant lead from the 2000 until the clew end of the sail came off the boom at the leeward mark and he had to retire. The race became a battle between the 2000 and Laser (John) about who could win on handicap.

Thank you to Sara and Adrian and Alan for waterside support, the beer and cake. We were fortunate enough to have Dan and Jim provide us with fish and chips after sailing, which is always welcome.

Race 1

Corrected time
Boat Crew Handicap Hrs Mins Secs Position
2000 Jeremy 1114 0 39 10 1
Laser (R) DOM Richard 1147 0 40 13 2
Laser (F) Bryce 1100 0 40 38 3
RS100 Ed 1004 0 44 12 4
Miracle Eve 1194 0 57 33 5
Topaz Trez Patrick 1236 1 58 55 6
Laser (R) John 1147 DSQ 7

Race 2

Corrected time
Boat Crew Handicap Hrs Mins Secs Position
2000 Jeremy 1114 0 27 41 1
Laser (R) John 1147 0 28 16 2
Laser (R) Richard 1147 0 29 16 3
Laser (F) Bryce 1100 0 30 41 4
Topaz Trez Patrick 1236 1 9 41 5
RS100 Ed 1004 DNF 6
Miracle Eve 1194 DNS 7