Erith Yacht Club was formed in 1900. The Royal Corinthinan Yacht Club originally had it's headquarters at Erith and when it moved to Port Victoria a number of members who were local residents formed the Erith Yacht Club. The Club was very different in it's early days, reefer jackets, steam yachts and paid hands.. Eventually it moved from Erith Town to the present site where a sucession of Clubships served as headquarters until the last Clubship Folgefon was replaced by the present Clubhouse.

The picture on the left shows dingy sailing from the Club probably in the mid fifties.

Search the history menu for articles about the Club, adventures of members both in the dim distant past and more recently, Information on the Ship Shape project for preservation of the archives. In 1975 on the Seventy Fifth aniversary of the Club a Souvenir Review was produced detailing the history of the Club. It was further enhanced 25 years later as the Club's Centenary arrived. It can be found under memories is and makes interesting reading.

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