Brass Monkey #4 - 24th Feb 2019


Sailors gathered in the clubhouse around 9am for the 4th Brass Monkey of 2019. Looking out from the balcony, they were dismayed to see fog so thick that the red pole at the end of our slipway was barely visible - let alone any ships that would need to be avoided during the race. The sailors waited until 11am for the fog to clear before it was decided to abandon the race.

Around midday the fog gradually cleared and a 5 knot breeze filled in. Just as the fog was clearing, this photo was taken:

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The remaining sailors rigged and launched! They spent the afternoon cruising up and down Erith Rands making best use of the light wind and gentle tide. Everyone had a great time on the water before heading to the bar for a drink and some snacks.

Laser 2000 Spinnaker up

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Pico reaching across the Thames
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Laser 2k
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The Man From Erith

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photo 5b.JPG EYC took part in Bart's Bash on Sunday 21st Sept 2014 to help raise money for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation Charity. Members log on to see more photos in the Club Photo Gallery

Dear Friends, I will be doing a Charity run for the RNLI in Bournemouth on the 4th of October and I would love it if you were to sponsor me.
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