Ovens Race – Sunday 24 September 2017

Weather: gloriously sunny

Wind: f2-3, E, SE

Course: EYC start, leave Ovens to starboard, back to EYC finish

What was thought to be hideously early start at 8am actually became the start of a lovely day on the water in glorious sunshine and a gentle breeze.  Seven boats were on line when Ed started the race, and the challenge was to dodge of all the traffic (of which there was lots over the race course) and keep in the tide and wind, not run aground and see if sneaky short cuts around the reaches paid off.

The wind in the east/south-east meant 2-3 hours of tacking down to the Ovens Buoy, which disturbed the peace and reduced the ability to have tea. However, the return journey was an opportunity to hoist the spinnaker, which did well on Valencia, although the wind did shift about as it followed the course of the river, and certainly made Hara look good too.

The Ovens is an interesting race, as the lottery of the start (usually based on giving the slower boats a chance of getting to the buoy before the tide has properly turned) means that it is pretty much open to anyone to win.  Today (subject to confirmation) proves this, as on actual time Valencia arrived home 56 minutes before Incisor, but was beaten by 6 minutes on corrected time. Sometimes being the slower boat is better, as you get more of the incoming tide, increasing your speed-over-ground. 

Thanks must go to Ed for starting the race, to Robert (trying to sort the Traf Race next weekend) for the finish and to everyone who turned up early to enjoy a lovely time on the river.

(Provisional) Results below:

Main Fleet
Corrected time
Boat Crew Handicap Hrs Mins Secs Position
Incisor  Dave Webber & crew 1169 4 31 9 1
Valencia  Alan Thomas & crew 941 4 37 3 2
Marlin  Julian Smith & crew 1035 4 40 22 3
Kanska  Bob Saunders & crew 1085 4 47 37 4
Loucha  John Edmonds & crew 1193 4 52 3 5
Hara  Richard Banner & crew 914 5 14 27 6
Larceny Terry Evans & crew 1034 RTD 7