Bryan Waite Cup – Monday 29 May 2017

Weather: overcast

Wind: f 0-2 (on very rare occasions!)

Course: sausage (upwind/down wind)

We optimistically launched in next to no wind believing that the wind would pick up and we could have a race – despite the mirror calm river and lack of turbine blade movement.  And the wind did, in gentle zephyrs, waft us to the start line and over it and around it.

The start caught people by surprise as the wind was a bit fluky and it paid to be as close to the Committee Boat as possible, which the Miracle (Jeremy) and Dream On (Alan & Jan) did. There was a bit of commotion at the windward mark with boats coming on starboard but the lead boats made it and hoisted spinnakers. The asymmetric refused to fill until the wind picked up briefly, allowing Dream On to pull ahead from the Miracle.  However, as the wind died off again the conventional spinnaker paid off – and being a lighter boat so Mother’s Ruin managed to pull ahead and maintain that lead for the rest of the race. 

However, John in his laser kept close to the lead boats and finished just behind Alan. Tobias did really well racing a Feva single-handed, coming in a very respectable 4th, just a few minutes on corrected time behind Alan & Jan.  The rest of the fleet did well to keep going as the wind filled and dropped all the time.  The course was made complicated by the eddy kicking in right through the race track, resulting in swirling water and lot of seaweed and debris along the tide/eddy line.

The second race was abandoned before it started because the wind then vanished leaving most people to be towed in or paddle in.  Still, we got on the water and it was a laugh to play about with friends.

Thank you to Paul for acting as Team Doris on the Committee Boat, for Ed being safety crew and to the LNS kids for coming along to take part.

Results below:

REMEMBER: Sundowner this Friday from 6pm…… (2 June)

Race 1

Main Fleet

Corrected time
Boat Crew Handicap Hrs Mins Secs Position
Mother's Ruin (Miracle 4012) Jeremy Michell 1210 0 22 02 1
Laser (Radial) John Cant 1135 0 25 53 2
Dream on (Laser 2000) Alan & Jan Thomas 1090 0 26 19 3
LNS Feva Tobias 1240 0 29 35 4
Laser (Full) Rosie Arrowsmith 1097 0 32 22 5
Topper 46777 Jamal 1340 0 33 05 6
LNS Feva Alessandro & James 1240 0 35 25 7
Topper 46798 Waz 1340 0 35 35 8
Laser 2000 Rahim & Sankofa 1090 0 38 40 9
Laser 2000 Pablo & Sean 1090 DNF 10=
Topper 46828 Patrick Hogan 1340 DNF 10=