EYC Prize Giving, 19 November 2016

Congratulations to all those who won trophies over this year in their cruisers and dinghies.


We should also remember those who have given up their time to support the sailing events at the Club: getting fuel, helping with launch/cover dinghies, providing safety cover, and spending time as race officers.  The members who work in the bar and galley are also thanked for the time they give.

The London Nautical School supported the Club this year.  They joined in with the Brass Monkey series, general sailing events and the youth cup in November.  Hopefully this relationship will continue to develop as it will help the kids gain experience on tidal waters and boost their confidence, as well as give our own kids some conpetition.

Trophy winners (in no order):
Trophy Name Winner
Brass Monkey (series) James Vick (Laser)
Bryan Waite James Vick (Laser)
Piper Cup Ed Sumner & Paul Gately (Laser 2000)
Saunders (Lady Helm) Jan Thomas (Laser 2000)
Kelpie Phil Richardson (Laser)
Graham Taylor (Single handed) Phil Richardson (Laser)
Frater Cup (Youth) Megan Gately (Laser)
Ron Aslet (Improved Youth) George Lewington

Open Weekend

Sunday’s trophies had been given out on the day
Mixed Fleet (Saturday) 3rd - Rosie (Laser)
2nd - Angus Gunn & Thabit (Dart 16)
1st - William Wilding (Laser)
Safety boat trophy Colin Golding
London Bridge trophy (1st EYC boat in Gravesham) Sara Taylor (Bolero)
Bill Smart (Ovens) Alan Thomas (Valencia)
Foote Mitchell (series) John Edmonds (Ruby)
Wheeled Keel Julian Smith (Marlin) – aground at the start of the Trafalgar Race, second day.

A new trophy was instigated by the Michael Robinson Sailing Trust Trustees in the name of Mary Robinson. This trophy is awarded to the youth member who has done the most to support the Club’s aims and self-help attitude, whether this through JYS, training or helping out at other sailing events.  The trophy is a spectacular silver model of Hamble Star 113, the last one owned by Robbie (Michael Robinson), mounted on a wooden base.  Robbie had been an important instigator and supporter of youth sailing at EYC using the Hamble Star as the training boat – both at Erith and also on trips in the inland seas of Holland.

This year three youth members were nominated and the overall winner was Rosie Arrowsmith.  Congratulations Rosie, you have done a lot to help us out this year and it has been much appreciated.  Similarly, the runners up have done much to support us and they deserved the nominations: well done Megan Gately and Angus Gunn.

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