Racing update from Sunday 21st January 2018

The second race in the Brass Monkey series took place in 'Brass Monkey' conditions with snow falling and a chill in the air!

Results can be found by following these links:!AlsoEzVAQKZKiBjI1AkLjEc9CkW8!AlsoEzVAQKZKiBcIMCp9uNxq59DT

Well done to all the hardy sailors who turn up to support the Race Officer, Safety Boat drivers and cooks in the kitchen and got out on the water for some close racing.

Well done to Alan and Jan - series leaders so far for their efforts on the water.  All the polishing and boat maintenance is paying off! I hope the rig tension was set to 7 this week(!)

Special mention to Jerry and Paul for sneaking up on the north side of the river to avoid the tide and to Harry who was the only youth member on the water!

Club members and sailors - what did you do this weekend that prevented you from getting out on the water??  Maybe the weather was a bit cold and wet, or there was a Sunday paper to read?  Maybe you had other plans??  Please consider this, you have paid your membership (hopefully) and we managed to get all the Laser 2000 out for close, fun, friendly racing.  

The next race is on Saturday 3rd February.  So put this date in the calendar, put a 'post-it' note on the fridge, put the Saturday jobs on hold and get out racing.  You will be supporting the volunteers who give up their sailing to make racing happen and make the most of your club membership!

Got your own dinghy??  Dust off the cover and get out sailing.  We will help you rig, launch and get out sailing.  

© Erith Yacht Club